El Dorado Hills, California
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They chose and charged $10,000 for 'upgraded' flooring. Lived here 7 months, no kids or pets, and floor is falling apart. Will not replace. Made $12,000 profit of us. Is in small claims court. Floor chips, scratches, and surface is starting to wear off. About $13,000 to fix. The finish on the laminate is less than eight inch thick.

Cabinetry is bubbling and wearing off. Contractors board has found them responsible. Instead of fixing told board they had done and were done with us. So is now under further investigation. Stonewalling. Will take over $9,000 to fix right (at least). More if really done right. Lied to us about types of finish.

Granite is not polished to smooth finish and is stained. Chipped bathroom counter. Fireplace mantel just got replaced 3rd time.

These items are tip of iceberg only. Have been lied to by 2 employees at least.

K Mart insides at Nordstrom prices. Cheap ceramic tile, the cheapest tile one can get.

Met with local president who tried to negotiate these warranted items. Offered $11,000, as if we are supposed to pay several thousand for their responsibilities.

Awful, stressful, hellish experience and are very sorry we bought this house. So I say, buyer beware. These problems are all over the neighborhood as well, we often see reports of similar experiences on our neighborhood email network.

Monetary Loss: $35000.

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Hi. I know it's been over a year now since the OP and Sher reported their issues so I was wondering how it all resolved?

I'm considering Lennar in EDH and would love to hear current updates. Thank you in advance!


We are in the same boat with you. The 3rd fireplace mantel has failed.

Way overchared for cheapo cheap flooring; nearly a year and a half and we are still dealing with them.

Buys bewared. You do not want this nightmare too.