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I purchased a home from Lennar in Roseville Ca. April 2014.

I have to have my evaporator coil replaced and Freon restored. An air conditioner that is only 5 years and 2 months should not have a major repair. Lennox has a settlement on the issue Thomas vs Lennox. Lennox does not want to take responsibility Lennar does not either so it falls on the homeowner.

People purchase new homes to avoid these problems. Lennar contracted with Lennox so I think they should bare some of the responsibility. Lennar planted bushes to close to my A/C unit. I asked to come and remove them they said HOA will do it.

HOA did not plant them it was not their mistake. If you have any other complaints about cracks in walls or ceilings Lennar’s response is that’s normal settling.

I have purchased 2 other new homes and it is not normal after a couple of years. I would not recommend purchasing an Lennar home.

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Same all over. Cracks in stucco are "normal" but in a home I previously owned for 30 years it had no cracks at all. *** work in my opinion.

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