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On 11/30/18, we were threatened with the loss of the home and our deposit if we did not close on the home "in one hour.” There was no certificate of occupancy issued because it failed inspections. And the walk-through one-hour before closing revealed construction problems I was told would have to be taken up with Warranty.

Since that day, 7 months ago, my children and I have suffered through 60 days of Lennar contractors in-and-out of our home, including 14 days of being relocated. Our homeschooled children can’t do their schoolwork with strangers walking in-and-out every week. One of our children has severe social anxiety, and has been severely affected; she had a dream that “Lennar” was dead and everyone celebrated. She asks me why she can’t have a “normal childhood” because strangers are constantly in and out of our home.

Her safe place - home - is not safe to her. At present, she made a sign for her bedroom door that reads: “No Lennar.”

Months ago we elevated our warranty concerns three levels in SW Florida. We contacted Dave Myers, who promised the work would “all be done in one day.” However, after dozens of days of people in-and-out, we were finally relocated. Marty Fay promised that the bulk of the work would be done by the time we returned.

However, after 14 days of relocation (04/04/18), it was not complete. I called Marty and stated I was not comfortable moving back in with tile dust everywhere and the work incomplete. He said “there’s no reason not to move back in.” That night, my children were coughing in their sleep. And after all that, work was still not complete.

On 04/11/19, I contacted the President of the Division (SWFL), Darin McMurray, with 51 items plus a Dropbox link of over 50 pictures of issues still unfinished or not addressed, quoting the “all in one day” promise I had been told.

Darrin never returned my calls or emails, but I got a call from Marty that the work would be done “all in one day.” Since that day, we have had contractors in our home on 18 separate days. And only 17 items of the over 51 items listed in April, were completed. As of mid-June we had over 100 items, big and small, incomplete.

We hired an inspector in June, and dozens of more problematic items were revealed including insufficient insulation and broken roof tiles (we were told the roof tiles were fixed in January, but this is evidently not the case).

Remaining items include, but are not limited to: replace doors that do not fit properly; replace broken or cracked roof tiles; complete insulation; replace carpets stained by contractors or not properly stretched (daughter has been cut on the carpet nails); replace broken screens; fix cabinets and drawer hardware issues; complete caulking throughout the home; fix subfloors (for the third time); properly align pavers and replace broken pavers; fix oven (we haven’t been able to use this for weeks); rehook up dishwasher; fix closet door frame broken by contractors in May and replace closet door; fix ceiling of garage; fix A/C concrete slabs; clear construction debris; correct grading issues in backyard that leads to flooding of the porch and against the home; complete painting; fix crooked walls; complete stain of wood in bannister; fix sharp edges and incomplete seal on glass shower; fix bowing drywall in ceiling and walls; replace uneven tiles in floor; fix garage door; replace scratched window; fix crooked A/C vent; replace mulch where workers poured paint; have granite installed properly in bathroom; complete seal around outside windows; fix gaps and cracks in stucco as well as excess stucco outside; properly insulate outer walls and attic; properly seal bathroom vent sheathing in attic; complete electrical work; secure electrical plugs; repair water main supply pipe; repair/ replace bathroom sink faucet; repair ceiling seams above air handler; replace air filters as our Rep Mike Huxtable promised; repair hole in garage ceiling which poses a fire hazard; fix garage door weather stripping; properly install hinges on garage door; repair garage door track; replace water supply hose to washing machine.

Our family wants our life back so we don’t have to worry about strangers in our home constantly, or the inconveniences that come with living in an unfinished home. We want our expenses reimbursed; those expenses that were the direct result of Lennar selling us a home that was not properly constructed and internally inspected, as well as Lennar’s inability to supervise and streamline the warranty process over the past 7 months.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lennar House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Lennar Pros: Representatives always keep calm and polite, Price, Location.

Lennar Cons: Builder manager lack to inspect, Customer service and warranty, Warranty, Representatives lie, Poor workmanship in all areas.

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