Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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DO NOT purchase a home from LENNAR!!!!

I purchased my home in 2008, from day 1 windows have leaked during rain events. The leaks are so bad framing has rotted, pieces of drywall have sagged and my house had to be treated for mold per specifications of an independent Forensic Architect. LENNAR did attempt to correct the issue 6 times....it was a comedy of errors. My hardwood floor warped and needed replaced three times. Employees LENNAR considers technicians showed up with no advanced notice, since I was not home they removed a window to gain access to my house!! This is just a drop in the bucket of issues with LENNAR'S craftsmanship and professionalism.

LENNAR has also walked away from the community before the local township would accept the community known as "Hawthorne Ridge"

Roads do not have the final top coat applied....sidewalks poured incorrectly...common areas look like cow pastures!

NEVER FORGET...DO NOT BUY LENNAR!!!!!!!! I threw $250,000.00 down the drain

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Amen I have all the same issues in SC.


Lennar walked away from finishing our community as well here in CO. Now, the rest of the acreage lots are being sold to custom home builders.

I don't think Lennar cares about having a good reputation, which is a shame. Companies like this will eventually go bankrupt. I'm sure they feel, "oh, we can build a home and it will hold up for at least a year...

We'll make our profit, then we're no longer responsible." The final result of this attitude: No repeat customers and zero referrals. It's really a sad situation for today's home buyers.


We have a terrible house also, that if given the chance, I would NEVER buy again.

@Mission Del Lago

Hopefully this site will prevent others from making the same mistake we did!


Are you in Hawthorne Ridge y any chance?