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I am writing this to express my feelings to you about what has happened since my decision to purchase a Villa at Gran Paradiso a Lennar property in Venice, Florida. First of all I am not blaming anyone for what has happened. But rather I blame myself for not being smart enough to be aware of what I was getting myself into. I was ask to click on a mouse to put my initials on all those disclosure statements that were shown to me on a computer screen. I should have read each one them. But, has there ever been anyone who has taken the time... Read more

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- Kitchen and bathroom fixtures plastic and seem fragile. - Valves under sinks and toilets absolutely the lowest quality I have seen in my life. - Fascia warped in a couple area. Gaps at seems. Lennar blames the sun. - OSB (under eaves) badly splintered. Lennar admits at least one OSB sheet should not have been used. Unwilling to to action to repair. - 100% 2x4sunder eaves have noticeable gaps with OSB. Numerous gaps exceed 3/8". OSB and Fascia large gaps in many areas. Lennar says every house is like this and it is acceptable. - Roof... Read more

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We bought a new house lennar four months ago. We wish didn't though. We moved in December 22nd, and 24th we didn't have hot water. We were with out hot water for five days. Can you imagine our Christmas & New Years with out hot water??? And after that our oven and dishwasher broke. We asked for help but lennar manger Joe ignored our calls and texts. After that our kids toilet started leaking, we called Joe, we sended pictures, he did nothing but ignored. Right now our heater isn't working. We called them and they didn't even answer. Lennar is... Read more

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Went to put contract on home pulled us around shoing us home updates on home getting congratulation emails on purchasing the home, but what they left out was where we qualified. NO the lan people where awfull no communication, could never get them to call back, the sales associate at the homes was not honest about the home, told as about all l the up grades they put, we paid for them.No choices on floor or cabinets come to find out it was a inventory home. Charged a lot charge. The view from back was a side view of a large home and in front... Read more

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My place was built in 2009. In 2013, I asked if they could give me the make and model of ceramic tile used (not only in my place but in every other of the more than 1200 doors here). Their reply: 'Sorry, we don't have this on record.' Recently, in 2016, I asked for an attestation for the type of windows used in the construction of this place in order to benefit from a discount on my insurance premium. Reply: 'That place was built in 2009. That file is in our archives and I can't get it. Get in touch with Sunshine Windows. They're the ones who... Read more

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paint job is cheap cheap. 6 months in and I have to paint the interior of the home already. Can't even let a sprinkle touch the wall because paint will peel. You get cheap carpeting. You can feel shape nails or staples in the carpeting. Not children friendly. Add comment

Who designed this house??? very poor planing doors opening wrong way. Dont slow owners to change any thing you don't like it to bad each space in basement has part of the utility room in it instead of having it all in one place. had 4 weeks of good weather to put roof on but lets wait till theres 3 feet of snow in your house then try to put it on. same as other lets fined the cheapest cabinets and flooring and put in your home but charge you for the best. what a ripoff company stay away.. Read more

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Lennar advertises "Everything's Included". What they don't tell you is that everything is the cheapest they can find. Extremely poor construction. What can you expect when the "builders are unskilled and uneducated folks from other countries who's work is not overseen properly". Warranty visits are made by people who do not speak English. Issues with roof, appliances, windows, flooring (lovely? vinyl plank flooring with hills and valleys and held down along the edges with white goop, tiling (how many different sized grout lines can be... Read more

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They have pushed our "closing date" 4 times. I would tell anyone thinking of buying a home from Lennar to get another builder! Don't buy from Lennar! They did not deliver when they said they would. Started late, then miss managed the project. Didn't order enough stone for the front, didn't order the proper dry wall materials. Said they positively wouldn't go past the end of January. Now have a date near the end of February. Read more

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I guess builders that work for Lennar must receive a coarse on how to be the biggest *** in the world. I subcontract and have only met one decent builder in the last seven years, he is no longer employed by Lennar. They use the cheapest materials possible to pass inspections an still qualify as a "house". I've built tree forts that were sturdier than a Lennar home. Built by illegal aliens and other non skilled labor(except for me), Lennar cares nothing of quality. Read more

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